Digital Marketing

The bigger picture...

It really isn't just web design or web development, it is about your digital marketing plan. Whether you are paying someone to build your site or investing your time in building it yourself it is still an investment that needs continued attention. As you finish the site it is important to run it through some of the online tests to make sure it is semantically correct and loads across all your targeted viewports.


When you launch the site it is valuable to register it and submit sitemaps with the top search engines and add some analytics tracking. Any experienced marketing professional will tell you, "If you aren't measuring it then you are wasting your time and money." So measure your success. Track where your traffic comes from and how long they stay on your site. Watch what pages are getting the attention.

Social Media

social media iconsUntil you start talking about the site you are probably not going to see any traffic at all. This is where social media and knowing your audience becomes powerful. Is your target audience on Facebook or on LinkedIn? They are not mutually exclusive but it is valuable to understand the difference. Do you have powerfully visual products for women who are surfing around on Pinterest? Then learn how to add "pins" on your site.

Email Marketing

Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool. Start collecting email addresses when you start selling locally. These people know you and are most likely to recommend you as well. Use a good email tool that can manage your email lists and follow best practices with current anti-spam regulations, namely don't spam your clients. Send meaningful and interesting information, sale offers or perks for referrals or purchases. 

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Beware of people charging you for things that you can do for free online like testing your site quality with respect to search engine standards. This is about good site structure as well as keyword-rich content. You can read up on some of these details in Google or Bing Webmaster Tools. But the best thing you can do is have your site reviewed by someone who works with these requirements on a daily basis and keeps up the the search trends. Get a site review today.